Tom Hall is a graduate of The Australian National University with Honours where he majored in Photomedia, studying under the guidance of Dr. Martyn Jolly. During Hall’s time at university he spent 1 year abroad on a scholarship studying sound and moving image at Kyoto Seika University under the guidance of Saburo Hirano and Shinsuke Ina where Hall made extensive developments in audio/visual processing working with Max/MSP.

Tom utilizes custom designed software and a variety of unorthodox approaches to combining imagery and sound, producing an array outcomes that have seen him exhibit and perform globally in the past decade. During his career, he has completed consecutive residencies at The Perth International Arts Festival, residencies in San Francisco, Netherlands and Japan. Hall has developed a reputation for touring tirelessly having completed multiple tours throughout Australia, Japan, Europe, UK and America. In addition to this Hall has also completed a number of sound-based installations and exhibited works globally.

During his career Hall has worked with and played alongside artists such as Steinbruchel, Sawako, Tim Hecker, Jason Khan, Lawrence English, Takashi Kojima, Haco, Birchville Cat Motel, Isis, Health (band) and Lichens. He is also the recipient of the 2009 Brisbane Lord Mayors Fellowship that allowed him to complete a four-month residency in San Francisco, USA.

Hall is also a member of AXXONN. A stream-line electronic music project that transcends pop/electro/doom and noise.

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