Suzan started her career at Warner Chappell in Paris, France, where she signed the Swedish pop band Ace of Base. In 1996 Suzan was hired by the prestigious English boutique company Hit&Run Music, to work in their New York office. In 1997 she was transferred to Los Angeles as VP of Creative and was instrumental in developing the career of songwriter Shelly Peiken.

As VP of Writer Development at BMG Music Publishing she introduced songwriters Wally Gagel and Xandy Barry who are now the production team WAX ltd, a few years later, she introduced them a 16-year-old Zella Day, who is currently climbing the charts. During her first year as VP of Creative at the newly formed BMG Rights Management, she worked with songwriters busbee, David Gamson, Jean Baptiste, Alex Geringas, who all benefited from her detailed and articulate feedback on their songs.

Throughout the years she has set many co-writes that led to songs such as “Stronger” and “Dark Side” both recorded by Kelly Clarkson, “Dance The Pain Away” Benny Benassi featuring John Legend, and successfully pitched songs “Try” Pink, “Almost Doesn’t Count” Brandy as well as Mark Wills in Nashville, “I’m Not Your Girl” Reba, “Hostage” (È l’amore che conta) recorded by Italian artist Giorgia….

Suzan is one of MI’s Music Business Program instructor where she teaches Music Publishing. Her international background allows her to address the different aspects of the business as well as the craft of songwriting. She is fluent in English, French and Turkish.

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