Artist & Career Services (ACS) is an extensive resource center designed to engage students and alumni and offer them active professional & personal development to succeed in today’s competitive entertainment industry.


  • Networking
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Development

With the proper tools and direction, ACS is committed to providing the proper tools and guidance to maximize student success during and after their academic career at Musicians Institute.



ACS staff is available to assist in the review and development of students and alumni: résumés/cover letters, EPKs, interview skills, and any promotional material. Stop by ACS to make an appointment or schedule an appointment via the available links in MI Connects.

ACS Business Hours
Monday – Friday
(excluding holidays)


A variety of career and industry related workshops are hosted by ACS year-round to maximize student experience and knowledge in the current entertainment industry. Event topics can vary quarter to quarter due to the availability of working professionals in the industry. Students and alumni are highly encouraged to participate to enhance their professional development and network with their peers.


Transitioning to a new city or country can seem like a challenge for students beginning their educational journey here in Hollywood, California. ACS assigns all first-quarter students a “student mentor” to help answer questions they might have about: campus life, nearby attractions and opportunities on campus. These mentors are loaded with the experience being a student here at MI and want to ensure all their incoming classmates are equipped with the skills, tools and knowledge to ensure a smooth transition into life here at Musicians Institute.


Students and alumni have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with ACS staff for feedback and anything dealing with career guidance. In addition, they can meet successful industry-working mentors to receive personalized career advice on their progress and current projects outside of the ACS support staff. ACS strives to keep a diverse mentor list based on the mentor’s: specialized field, musical genre and availability.


The ACS Internship Program provides MI students with real-world experience in the music industry through internships in music-related companies. Students in the Music Business Program are required to complete an internship, while Common Course and Audio Engineering majors are able to sign up to be interviewed and considered for the elective program. Internships are for college credit and enrolled students only. Students in good academic standing can sign up for an interview during weeks 4 through 6 after the completion of at least one quarter of their respective program at MI.

For further information on internships or to post an internship opportunity, please contact the Internship Coordinator at*MI provides no guarantee regarding the future availability of internships at specific companies or in specific positions Placement is subject to availability and student qualifications


Interested in working on campus? Fill out an application to get the process started in Weeks 1-4 of each quarter.

*Employment is not guaranteed


Having professional promotional material alongside talent is crucial in today’s entertainment industry. ACS offers graduating students the opportunity to schedule a photo shoot slot with MI’s professional photography team. Students will receive raw (untouched) images after their scheduled appointment. Turn-around time averages one week for the edited photos.

In addition, students have the opportunity to use the services of a professional makeup artist prior to going in front of the camera. These photo shoots happen weeks 10 and 11 (days vary depending on student reservations).


Musicians Institute encourages students to determine their role on campus. With a diverse student body, clubs and organizations are welcomed to organize. Clubs are allowed to host events on campus such as: concerts, lectures, clinics, cultural and social events.

To be recognized by MI, organizations need to follow the following steps:

  1. Review the list of current organizations on the ACS portion of the website to ensure that your club/organization does not overlap with an already existing one.
  2. Find at least six other individuals interested in joining your club/organization.
  3. Find a faculty or staff member at MI to serve as your advisor.
  4. Figure out a name that does NOT start with MI. For example, “MI Jazz Club” is not allowed, but “Jazz Club at MI” is okay. The name should reflect your purpose.
  5. Fill out the following Application & Constitution form.


Discounted tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain & Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, AMC Movie Theatres, The Taxi Rally, ASCAP “I Create Music Expo,” NAMM, Grammy U, etc., more information is available in the ACS office.

*Subject to availability and while supplies last

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