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Woodstock 2019 Announces Line-Up To Celebrate 50th Anniversary

The original Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 was an iconic moment in music history, where over 400,000 music fans got together and ushered in the growing counterculture movement. Music has always been closely tied to society, identity and politics, and it only makes...

What Is A Guitar Luthier And How Can You Become One?

A guitar luthier is a skilled craftsman who makes and repairs guitars. Like most careers in the music field, the work of a luthier isn’t something you can learn overnight. But those with a creative mind who are detail-oriented and like to tinker may find the work of a...

Three MI Alum On Nationwide Tour With Pop Singer Conan Gray

We have some good news to share from some Musicians Institute alumni! Drum program alum Bianca Richardson, Keyboard alum Renny Goh, and Guitar program alum Billy Lebua are part of the touring band for up and coming singer, Conan Gray. Conan started gaining a fan base...

Musicians Institute Celebrates International Women’s Day

It's International Women's Day! Musicians Institute wanted to celebrate all of the brilliant female artists that have shaped our music history as it is today. Women have made a mark in every genre and corner of the entertainment industry, and their stories are only...


Through The Lens is our weekly series where we highlight current students and faculty, capture them on campus and ask them about their inspirations, advice and beyond.


#TBT: Jeff Porcaro of Toto

#TBT: Jeff Porcaro of Toto

For this weeks #TBT post, we bright back this gem from the Musicians Institute vault, a special clinic from Jeff Porcaro, one of the most revered drummers in modern music. MI is lucky to have this footage, as his life was tragically cut short when he was only 38 years...

#TBT Michael Ruff Visits MI ( With Sheryl Crow as Back-up Singer)

#TBT Michael Ruff Visits MI ( With Sheryl Crow as Back-up Singer)

A while back, we shared this pretty sweet find from the MI vault: a performance by Michael Ruff, with a very young Sheryl Crow singing backup! Ruff is a multiple Grammy Award nominated songwriter and producer, who has released many solo albums. He has written, toured...


Panelist Spotlight: Adam Blackstone

Musicians Institute is proud to bring some of the best working musicians onto our campus to inspire our students and give them insight into what a career in the music industry holds. With this new series on our blog, we will start to highlight upcoming clinicians or...

The Life And Career Of MI’s Own: Francis Buckley

Grammy Award®-winning record engineer Francis Buckley’s broad range of experience has seen him occupy the studio seat for breakout bands, established chart-toppers and Hollywood films. Buckley started out working at W.E. Studios in Redondo Beach in 1979. He then went...


Adam Skeppar Guitar Session

Adam Skeppar Guitar Session

Adam Skeppar, a native of Sweden who is currently pursuing an A.A. in Guitar Performance, stopped into one of our studios to show off his latest skills. Want to take some guitar classes? Check out our Guitar programs to find out...

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