Since the music industry has changed significantly, it can be hard to navigate how to promote music in 2021.

The internet and the impact of the Covid-19 remain relevant factors that affect music promotion. While options may seem limited, artists are finding ways to push their content, brand, and music to meet a wider audience—even in 2021.

The Music Industry and the Internet

The good news is that the internet offers artists flexibility even with the world in lockdown. Without live shows, artists need to see how to maximize their digital opportunities so people can hear their music. The internet has many outlets for artists to find new listeners—it’s just a matter of understanding how to harness the connections the internet provides.

Build a Website and Email List

Though social media is an important place for artists—every musician could benefit from a dedicated website. A website is a place for audience members from all social media platforms to gather.

It could be a place where artists sell merchandise and also post scheduled events. A website could also be where artists announce the release of new music.

Building a website does take time and might require some help, but a good website could act as a central hub for fans to interact or know more about an artist.

Email lists are another asset that may seem outdated but are direct connections to fans. With emails, artists can promote their new songs by sending them directly to fans who have given their email addresses.

Get on Playlists

Playlists on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are now popular ways that fans of specific genres and artists discover new music. These streaming platforms are the new record stores where fans share new music they’ve found.

Artists who want to promote their music should look into how they can get their song onto as many playlists as they can that fit their genre or aesthetic. Playlists with similar artists and genres attract the kinds of fans that the artist makes music for. That gives musicians a higher chance of finding fans who want to listen for more.

Getting onto these playlists means the artists also need to develop a profile on the specific platform. They can maximize the opportunity of getting their music on a playlist by also uploading their other discography. If a listener likes the artists’ song, they can search the artist on the platform and find more of their music.

Create Content on Social Media

Social media remains a key player for artists.

Tiktok is now a significant platform for discovering new songs. Artists who want their music to find new listeners can see if they can create content that is native to Tiktok using their track.

Other platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook remain places that artists can promote new music. Being present in these spaces allow artists to share new music in creative ways.

From pictures, videos, and skits—artists can market their new song, along with their aesthetic and personalities, through social media. It’s just crucial for musicians to recognize what kind of content fits each platform. The content might include the hook of a song, or the lyrics of a song without being the entire track.

Reach Out to Local Radio Stations, Blogs, and Podcasts

Artists shouldn’t rule out older promotion methods.

Local radio stations need new music in rotation. Often, they are excited to play the music of artists in the area. Musicians can reach out to these stations with their new song for the chance of air time. This might involve cold emailing or cold calling, but reaching more listeners can be worth time spent.

Many music fans read blogs that cover stories about emerging artists. Artists can promote their music by writing blogs about their new releases. Interested bloggers might write a story on the artist to promote them or their music.

Podcasts are now important outlets for information and entertainment. More people are listening to podcasts now than ever before. Many of these podcasts are dedicated to music. Artists can contact these podcasters and talk about how they might add value to it. Either by putting the song onto the podcast or getting featured as a guest on the podcast.

An artist who can get on one of these shows has the opportunity to tell their story and talk about upcoming projects. These are great ways for audiences to find out more about a musician and follow them afterward.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic and the internet both require musicians to adapt in different ways. While some methods are not currently available, artists need to see that many opportunities still exist for music promotion. Through digital means, musicians can still meet and reach new listeners to grow their audiences in preparation for when live shows return.

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