The internet continues to revolutionize just about everything we do—including within the music industry.

Social media platforms are the new way for artists to develop and connect with their fanbases. Over the years, we have seen artists utilize platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok Youtube, and Facebook to generate movement in their careers. Social media continues to give musicians the opportunities they previously could only have through record companies.

The Industry Has Changed

Musicians need to understand that the music industry has changed.

In the past, musicians would need to do things like record demos and distribute them to fans. They needed to bargain for the time in the studio. If there were live shows at local venues—acts would need to find any opportunity to play.

All of these efforts were in the hopes that enough fans or an A&R representative from a label would help them get more involved in the industry. The rise of the internet and social media platforms has revolutionized how bands establish themselves.

Many of the same tactics like playing live, recording and distributing music, and seeking label attention remain the same; however, we’ve found that social media evens the playing field and empowers artists.

Using Social Media

The various social media platforms give artists the ability to reach a wider audience than ever before. Since so many people use these platforms, bands, solo artists, and musicians can reach these potential fans if they use social media to their advantage.

There are many ways these platforms play a critical role in the industry.

Create Content

Content remains king, even in 2021.

Artists can create and then distribute content across Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, or Youtube to attract new viewers and listeners. Musicians can create content from music videos, lyric videos, pictures, or skits to demonstrate their genre and personality.

Creating content and distributing it is one of the most significant ways that social media remains a crucial place to be in the music industry. Not only does this content lead to more interest, but it is also the foundation of finding and keeping long-term fans.

It’s important to understand that each platform demands different kinds of content. For example, viewers tend to enjoy longer videos on Youtube and Facebook, but they enjoy shorter videos on Instagram and Tiktok. It depends on the platform, and it also depends on the market. Part of using social media understands what kind of content viewers gravitate to on each platform.

Build an Audience

Building a community of committed listeners and fans is one of the most important parts of establishing a musical act. The audience indicates a consistent demand for new albums, live shows, merchandise, and marketability for a musical act.

Social media allows artists to find their audience among each platform’s user-base. An audience comes from listeners and viewers who the musician attracts through their content.

Audiences on each social media platform are forms of communities. Facebook followers, Instagram followers, and Youtube subscribers are examples of an artist’s dedicated communities. This attention from loyal fans gives artists a community that will sustain them and allow them to create music for the long term.

An artist doesn’t need billions of followers to have a sustainable career. They just need to find dedicated fans who love their music. These fans will buy merchandise, enjoy new music, and follow the musician across their career.

Connect With Fans

Social media connects fans to artists. Fans can comment, like, and share content and may even have the opportunity to speak with their favorite artists through social media platforms.

As one of the most powerful assets to using social media, artists can develop a stronger relationship with their fanbases. Platforms give artists an outlet to express their thoughts and feelings or post everyday events. These are pieces of content fans love to see. They can get a more personal look into their favorite artists’ lives and identify with them more personally.

Fans are more likely to be active members of an artist’s community when they feel the artist is serving them with content and access. Musicians can share their appreciation and dedication to fans to keep them coming back to their thriving communities.

Final Thoughts

While the world of social media might seem like a daunting area—artists should see it as an opportunity that empowers them. These platforms are avenues that lead directly to new fans who would love to hear new music from new artists. When utilized correctly, social media empowers the artist to do what they could not do before the internet.

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