Hardly five years into its creation, TikTok now boasts up to 1 billion worldwide active users. Needless to say, the platform is increasingly becoming popular–especially in the music industry. The company also recently allowed 60-second lip-syncing videos, up from the original 15 seconds, which allows for an even better experience for music lovers.

How to Discover Songs on TikTok

Music discovery is at the core of TikTok’s identity. Budding musicians depend on it to promote music and build a global fan base by simply uploading their original songs to the platform. Without a doubt, TikTok can make songs from relatively unknown artists go viral overnight.

Users can also upload an original song or choose TikTok music from the app’s “sound” tab. You should note that you can access a great variety of tracks in the app, including new releases, greatest hits, and trending songs.

As an artist, you should never shy away from posting your songs and videos! You could be one post away from going viral.

For instance, you can add videos dancing to your debut single or just lip-syncing to an original track. It is important to note that artists have equal opportunities to get their songs discovered on TikTok since the platform offers pure, crowd-sourced options for users.

Trending Music

Thanks to viral videos and memes tagged on the original truck, Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License” is one of the latest TikTok sensations. The overnight explosion of her song proves that the app goes the extra mile to give users variety compared to its early years.

In 2016, when the app launched, you could only come across viral videos or billboard hits. Today, popular TikTok songs influence the billboard charts, rather than the other way around.

Songs will also trend more on TikTok if well-known creators use them for their content.

For instance, Driver’s License went viral after established creators such as Charli D’Amelio replayed it to their followers. Rodrigo posted the song in early January, teasing it, not knowing it will be her time to shine!

Since posting the video, Rodrigo’s account amassed more than 10 million followers, with only ten videos posted. Driver’s License is still trending with more than 880,000 uses. It is worth mentioning that the app helped steer Rodrigo’s music to position one on streaming platforms like Amazon and Spotify.

How TikTok Changed the Music Industry

While TikTok’s fate in the USA is still hanging on a cliff, the app is undoubtedly the best video-sharing platform to promote music. Note that TikTok’s music exposure is reshaping the music industry in many ways.

1. TikTok is Changing Music Consumption Habits

The majority of new, unique fans will end up streaming your song after checking out a snippet or dance choreography on TikTok. You are looking at an era where consumers listen to songs based on how viral it is. On TikTok, users discover songs they’ve never heard of. It is unlike on popular streaming platforms, where algorithms recommend what you prefer or what you already know. Major music platforms depend on your phone activity to point you in your taste of music.

2. Singles Changed Significantly

Artists can now have the fate of their single debuts just clicks away. Originally, you had to rely on a label’s resources and network to get your name out there. Now, you can upload your single song on TikTok and bypass all the radio stations. You may end up having the whole country jamming to your vibe in less than a few hours.

3. Social Media Is More Powerful Than Ever

In 2021, TikTok proved that you don’t need the backing of traditional media platforms to curve your place in the music industry. Most users depend on other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook to share their account handles. This move is perfect for getting new, unique viewers every time they post. An artist can now solely ride on TikTok to promote music and get exposure to other social media apps, due to its incredible reach and influence.

TikTok is the New Wave for Music Discovery

TikTok is undeniably a sensation to record labels and managers who want to promote music for their artists. This includes collaborations, singles, and even albums. TikTok is also giving rise to a new breed of influencers who don’t need huge sums of money to put your track on their creations. It is an almost all-free ride to overnight fame – as long as you find a way to stand out from the endless amount of other talented artists!

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