The Billboard Hot 100 chart has long been the measure of success for popular musicians, but it has always only been based on U.S. based streams and downloads. But on May 6, 2019, Billboard announced The Global 100 chart, which will expand its reach around the world, a move which Billboard hopes will be “the first authoritative chart ranking top songs globally, based on worldwide streams and download sales.”

Along with announcing their newest chart (which will come out later in 2019,) Billboard will be hosting a global summit and data conference in 2020, so music executives from all over the world can look over key insights and look at trends happening on a global scale.

The new global measuring tools for The Global 100 will cover more than 180 territories around the world, which will be an exciting and insightful way for American artists to see how their music stands on the global platform. It seems like Billboard aims to open a lot of eyes in the U.S. based industry and we think that’s a great thing for the future.

“The current musical landscape is no longer defined by borders and The Global 100 will further unify the music world by providing the definitive view of today’s top hits,” said Deanna Brown, president of Billboard – The Hollywood Reporter Media Group. “Coupled with the launch of our international music summit, Billboard is once again showing its commitment to being the leading platform for the music industry.”

What do you think of the Global 100? Will it be good to have U.S. artists on the same scale with international artists? Let us know!

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