If you’re passionate about the music industry but aren’t into the performance aspect, you may be wondering what types of careers are out there. The good news is that there are a ton! Whether you want to be a teacher or you want to be a producer, there is sure to be a career path out there for you: you just have to find it.

We’re here to help guide you to take the next step in your career and show you a few options you have that you might not have thought of.

Here are 10 non-performance careers to keep in mind:

Artist Manager

If you’re passionate about the music industry but prefer the business side of things, you may want to consider a career in artist management. Every artist needs someone who can handle the business aspects of their talents and help guide them to be a success. As a manager, you’ll work with their partners, negotiate contracts, help them with scheduling, and be their guide throughout their careers.

Recording Engineer

Recording engineers love being in the studio and are fond of the technical side of music. If that sounds like you, you’ll be working with cutting-edge music equipment to help effectively record music for others. At MI, we have several          that can help you hone in on your talents and shape you into the Recording Engineer you wish to be.


Everything needs a composer: musicians, film, TV, and video games. For every song you hear, there is a genius composer who understands music theory and enjoys the mechanics and technicalities of music.

Music Teacher

Some individuals love to teach others, and they are good at it, too. Once you learn everything you need to know about what you’re passionate about in the music industry, you can take that newfound knowledge and help others discover their passion. Being a music teacher can be a rewarding experience that allows you to help others early on in your career.

Music Video Director

If you love seeing music come to life in front of your eyes, you may want to consider a career as a Music Video Director. You’ll be responsible for helping the artist’s vision come to life by directing the entire video from start to finish.

Tour Manager

Every artist needs a tour manager that can help them with their career when they are on the road and touring different cities or countries. They’ll need help with everything from transportation, scheduling, and accommodation. Unlike an artist manager, you’ll be very involved on the event side of things, handling every logistical aspect of the tour from start to finish. If you have a knack for planning and love to be involved in the performance aspect, this could be a great option to explore.


Some people love writing music but aren’t passionate about performing or using their singing voice. That’s okay! Many successful songwriters only write and leave the performing to others.

Music Editor

You know when you’re watching a movie, and the music comes in at the perfect time? There is someone on that film set that makes that happen! A music editor is there to edit, mix, and sync all of the music expertly with a movie. If you have a passion for editing music and film, this career choice could be the perfect medium.

Public Relations

A career as a public relations expert is a must-have for some artists. You’ll be the one in charge of marketing the artist by prepping media kits, creating press releases, and helping them expand their career in new horizons.

Music Therapy

If you didn’t know, music therapy is increasing in popularity because of its therapeutic benefits. As a music therapist, you’ll work with individuals who are sick or disabled and introduce them to different forms of music and help them find comfort in the songs.

There is so much more to the music industry than what meets the eye. Don’t feel discouraged if you feel like performing is the only way to make it big or do something with your degree. At MI, we provide several music industry programs that aren’t focused on performance. To take the next step in your career in the music industry, you can start by enrolling in a program of your choice today.

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