Andre is an electric/classical guitar player, composer and instructor originally from Brazil, where he graduated from Carlos de Campos Conservatory in Sao Paulo, Brazil with a degree in Jazz and Brazilian Music. He works with a wide variety of musical style such as Rock, Fusion, Jazz, Brazilian Music, Latin, Pop and Classical (Guitar). Andre has been a private guitar instructor for 15+ years, and he has done many guitar clinics around the world (Spain, South Korea, Greece, Russia, USA, Italy, Brazil, Finland.

In addition, he has instructional material released through Jam Track Central, he won the GUITAR IDOL 2014 competition in London, UK, and he has been featured on many guitar magazines such as Total Guitar (UK), Fusion Guitar Book (Japan), Guitar Interactive (UK), Guitar Load (Brazil). Andre currently holds the guitar chair in the band of legendary drum virtuoso Virgil Donati (Planet X, Steve Vai), and is endorsed by Suhr guitars and Bogner amps.

“Andre’s playing is beautiful and shows and incredible control of technique, time, rhythm, phrasing and soul. His playing approach is unexpected, unpredictable and never cliche or contrived…” ~Reinhold Bogner

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