Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Joshua Vore started playing drums when he was only 11 years old. Because he started playing live from a very early age, he learned to be a well-rounded, experienced musician instead of just a body to keep a beat. After spending a few years playing as a teen, Joshua made the choice to head down to L.A. to earn his degree in Drum performance at MI. He said,

“I chose to go to MI because it gave me the chance to focus on my passion completely. While attending, I lived drums and always had opportunities to learn, practice and connect with teachers and other musicians.”

After spending 14 hour days at MI to hone his skills, he continued to play hundreds of live performances throughout the world with passion, precision and professionalism of the highest caliber. He is currently the drummer for The PĂC, working with Verdine White and John Paris of Earth, Wind, and Fire. As well as Eddie M. Of Prince and Sheila E. Be on the lookout for great music by Joshua Vore and The PĂC later this year.

Joshua’s career is now just taking off and he is confident that his time at MI made a great impact on the likelihood of his success. He said,

“With so many teachers each having their own speciality, the curriculum I received and the opportunity to play 24 hours a day… I had a jump in my playing ability which I never would have had without these things. I regularly spent 14+ hours a day working on my craft. This dedication to perfecting my drumming abilities has followed me since and has allowed me to succeed in any playing situation whether it be live performance, studio tracking, writing or instructing others.”

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