A native of Brazil, LA-based Artur Menezes is praised for his high energy and passion on the guitar, leading him to be called the rising star of the blues in Latin America. This is not a light title, but Artur’s talent and journey before and after MI continues to prove his star power over and over. Although he had already began to establish himself as a professional musician, Artur enrolled at MI in 2016 to sharpen his playing and vocal skills, while benefiting from the extensive network in the business that MI provides.

Most recently, Artur was invited by guitar legend Joe Satriani to perform on stage with him in front of thousands of fans. Throughout 2016, Artur headlined numerous blues festivals around Brazil and he later won the Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society Challenge, where he performed at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, among over 250 bands from all over the world. Having already performed with legends like Satriani and Buddy Guy so early in his life, Artur is only beginning his journey in leading the next generation of blue guitarists.

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