Still in his early 20s, Fredrik Halland has already been a working musician for over a decade! The Norwegian-born guitar prodigy performed over 150 shows throughout Europe and the U.S. in his early teens, and was later inspired to fulfill his music dreams at MI in L.A. After his graduation, Fredrik found himself working with some of the biggest names in pop music, most notably as Colbie Caillat’s touring guitarist and backup singer. With Colbie, he has performed legendary gigs from the Hollywood Bowl to Good Morning America to performing the national anthem with her at the NBA Finals in 2014.

He’s since worked with Gavin Degraw, Jesse McCartney, Babyface,and Becky G, among others. To add to his impressive credits, Fredrik co-wrote a track on Justin Bieber’s Purpose album and played on Michael Jackson’s posthumous album, Xscape. Although he started his career as a blues guitarist, Fredrik and his talents are proving to be a force in the pop music world, where he is sure to continue working with the best in the business.

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