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Musicians Institute offers a wide variety of music degrees and areas of concentration in the field of contemporary music. Study music with some of the best working musicians in the world.



The Master of Music degree from Musicians Institute combines advanced music performance training with additional study in both traditional and contemporary disciplines such as music history, theory, education, research skills, recording technology, production, business relations and online brand management.


The Bachelor of Music program offers degrees in Performance (Contemporary Style: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Bass & Drums), Composition (Scoring for Visual Media) and Songwriting and Production. While the primary area of specialization may vary, comprehensive coursework in the study of music theory, ear-training, keyboard proficiency, music history, arranging, conducting, audio production and business relations serves as an integral part of both programs.


MI’s Associate of Arts Music Degree offers students extensive vocational training in Bass, Drum, Guitar, Keyboard Technology or Vocal. Topics in Harmony, Theory and Ear Training are explored in extensive depth through Reading, Technique and Performance on the chosen instrument.


During the course of the programs, students will partake in internships, and share real-world experience earned from working with our esteemed instructors and professionals. Our Associate of Science in Music Business, Studio Recording, and Live Music Event Production degrees will prepare students to work as music industry professionals in various areas, including (but not limited to) record labels, music publishing, music studios, venues, artist management, touring, entrepreneurship, and more.


MI’s Certificate program provides you with a broad foundation of musical knowledge, technique and practical experience that prepares you for virtually any style of contemporary popular music performance.
Core and elective classes, private lessons, Live Performance Workshops, Open Counseling sessions, and regular visiting artist concerts and seminars combine to create an intensive educational environment designed to encourage rapid development of performance skills.

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