Ray Holroyd was born in Cape Town, South Africa, playing piano and guitar from a very young age. In 1996, he formed a grunge band, Royd, which went on to play sold out shows and they achieved a No.1 debut single on the rock chart of the country’s most popular national radio station, 5FM. After graduating from music school in South Africa, Ray moved to L.A. in 1999 to study guitar and voice at Musicians Institute. During his time here he honed his performing skills by performing on the L.A. music circuit.

After graduating, he moved to England to further study music education, where he lectured music theory and composition at one of the UK’s largest colleges: Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College. After some gigs as a music journalist he relocated to Vancouver and developed the non-profit record label Revolution Harmony, which released over 40 records worldwide, including the 2012 self-titled LP from Cryptopsy (who’ve sold over 300,000 albums). In 2013, he released an All-Star charity single, “We Are,” that featured multi platinum Grammy-winning artists (Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine, Serj Tankian from System Of A Down, and many more), with all the proceeds going to charities that restore harmony between people, animals, and the environment.

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