Musicians Institute announces the launch of its newest course addition, Set Neck Design. This emphasis will be added to the original 2 quarter, 30 credit Certificate in Guitar Craft.

MI’s Guitar Craft program offers comprehensive training in the design, construction, and maintenance of electric and acoustic guitars. In keeping with MI’s total-immersion approach to education, your classroom is a fully equipped instrument manufacturing facility.

Now, MI is offering an additional 15 credit emphasis to its Guitar Craft program, on Set Neck Design, which will focus on the principles unique to set neck guitar design, headstock and body geometry. Set Neck Design students will learn to skillfully design and draw a set neck guitar in a variety of configurations. Some of the new courses will include Set Neck Guitar Fabrication, Template Design, Finishing and more!

If you want to make sure you have the most comprehensive education in building, repairing and customizing guitars, make sure to check out our Guitar Craft program page! We are confident that these courses will put you on track to a successful career in the music industry!

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