A prolific American heavy metal and hard rock guitarist, Paul Gilbert is best known as the co-founder of Mr. Big, and as a member of Los Angeles-based band, Racer X. He was born in Illinois and raised in Pennsylvania, but his love for guitar playing didn’t keep him in one place for too long. In his teens, while touring local clubs with his first band, he was profiled in Guitar Player Magazine, setting the path for his life.

In 1984, he moved to L.A. to attend MI, then known as Guitar Institute of Technology, and where he eventually became an instructor. In the following years, Paul gained great success with his bands and shredding skills, and collaborated with Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and many other legendary musicians.

Paul has returned to the MI Concert Hall over the years for clinics and conversations, always providing inspiration for up and coming guitarists.

You can check out one of his conversations at MI below!


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