Magos Herrera is a renowned Latin Jazz vocalist who MI is proud to have as part of their diverse alumni. Magos graduated from MI in 1992 and went on to complete many milestones as a vocalist, teacher and humanitarian. A native of Mexico City, Magos has been based in New York since 2008, where she’s worked with some of the top names in jazz including Lionel Loueke, John Patitucci, Tim Ries and Aaron Goldberg. She has previously released seven solo albums, while producing and starring in two music-oriented TV programs on Mexico’s Channel 22.

Magos also hosts her own NY-based radio show, “La Vuelta a La Manzana,” in which she discusses music with some of today’s leading jazz stars. In 2011, the U.S. Latin magazine Siempre Mujer recognized her as one of ten most important women, for her work as a musical ambassador for contemporary Mexican music. In addition to being a respected musician, Magos is known for championing various women’s causes as she serves as spokesperson for UN Women, and has an active role in the UNITE campaign to end violence against women.

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