Linda Lind is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, dancer and actress. Hailing from Sweden, Linda began her musical journey performing in musicals and singing at local events. She tells MI,

“I did one of my first performances at a local summer fair in Sweden when I was about six years old. I sang a traditional Swedish folk song and it’s one of my first memories. I remember being so nervous but also this amazing feeling as I went up on that stage and I think that’s when I knew that this is what I wanted to do.”

Linda took that moment seriously. She eventually relocated from Sweden to Los Angeles, where she enrolled at MI to make her singing and music dreams a reality. After graduating from her courses, Linda has found great success, using her voice to perform at packed venues around the world, on video game soundtracks and much more. She has performed with Julio Iglesias in front of the pyramids in Egypt and was also invited to perform the official song for the charity event “Dance For Kindness” live in Times Square, NYC for World Kindness Day 2016.

Currently, Linda is on tour with A.R Rahman as a featured vocalist performing in both English as well as Hindi, Punjabi and Malayalam. She previously collaborated with Rahman on a track for the movie “Pelé,” and sang background vocals for Meghan Trainor’s upcoming album, Treat Myself.

Linda has independently released music that has amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify. Her music has been featured on some of the biggest official Spotify playlists “Mint”, “DancePop” and “Fresh Electronic” as well as in one of the best selling video games in the world NBA2K and on Swedish radio P4. Linda made her composing debut by producing the entire musical score for NBA2K17’s MyCareer mode starring actor Michael B. Jordan and appeared on NBA2K18 and NBA2K19 with a motion captured opening performance of the National Anthem as well as on the official NBA2K18 Soundtrack with her original song “Hush”.

When Linda is not performing she spends countless of hours in the studio honing her craft. “Most people get so surprised when I tell them that I produce. There are many female writers out there but I haven’t come across that many producers so it’s hard sometimes for some people to grasp the fact that I’m not just a singer- songwriter but that I can also record myself and make beats” explains Linda.

When asked what was one of the most important lessons she learned at MI, Linda replied,

“…That you can’t sit around and wait for someone to come hand you success. If you really want it you have to go after it and work for it every single day. Work on your craft, experiment with sounds, network and most importantly be open to different opportunities even if they might not seem like what you initially had in mind. You never know where the universe will take you.”

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