Cody Matthew Johnson finished his Bachelor of Music in Composition in late 2015 and is a distinguished alumnus of the first graduating class of the Musicians Institute Bachelor Composition program. After MI, Cody went on to work full time in the film music industry as an orchestrator, composer, and studio assistant, crediting The Musicians Institute for providing him with the education he needed to jump-start his career in the industry.

“M.I. presented the opportunity and access to the tools I needed to hone my craft, separating me from my colleagues in such a competitive field. I began to find my own unique voice through the passionate direction and guidance of the staff.”

Since graduation, Cody has worked under acclaimed film composers on a variety of projects from feature films such as Jon Travolta’s “I Am Wrath” (2016) and “The Last Full Measure” (2017), to television on the two seasons of Sony’s TV Series “Powers” (2016) and “Claws” (2017), airing April 2017 on TNT. He has also worked on a host of documentaries and has most recently composed for the videogame “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite”, which was released on Xbox, Playstation, and desktop.

Additionally, Cody writes and produces music for recording artists and internationally distributed publishing companies from his studio in Glendale, CA.

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