Edoardo Talenti was born in Bologna, Italy, and had an early start to music. By age 11, he started to play the drums and began studying with local teacher until he was about 18 years old. Throughout his childhood, he discovered and worked on his passion, which he wanted to make his life’s work.

In 2011, Ed moved to Los Angeles to further his drum knowledge and enrolled at Musicians Institute. He says that MI’s roster of instructors and the general ambience of the school were the first things to convince him to attend. He says,

“I looked at a lot of different colleges and I just felt like MI really matched me and what I was looking for at the time. I felt like it was the perfect place for me to grow and take my music career to the next level. I wasn’t wrong either!”

After 2 years learning and growing in the program, he graduated in 2013 and soon set his eyes on becoming a working, professional drummer. Once he was leaving MI, Ed reflected on his instructors and of his time here,

“I saw my own teachers humbly putting in the time to practice and improving their craft, even though they were already accomplished musicians and instructors. It was inspiring to see people with such a long history and experience in the music industry, still having that same love and passion for music, as if they just started playing their instrument.”

He began his career as a session drummer around town, with bands and artists like Anthony Cruz, Cameron Nino, Sixstep and many others. He eventually also got an internship at Hoodlum Media, Inc., where he worked as a ghostwriter and composer alongside Magnus Fiennes, who has worked with Shakira, All Saints, Pulp, Tom Jones and Morcheeba.

During this time, some career highlights included co-writing music for the BBC One TV show “Death In Paradise”, the Sky TV show “Hooten & The Lady” and more. In 2016, Ed moved back to Italy to work as a producer and beat maker full-time.

He currently runs a successful beat selling business, EdTalenti.com, where he is connected to and working with artists from all over the world. His Instagram (@EdTalenti) and YouTube are quickly expanding his music production business, where his thousands of followers eagerly await his latest beats and productions.

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