Like all skilled trade positions, musicians need specialized equipment and tools to make their work easier. Anyone who plans to compose, record, mix and edit music needs a reliable Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to accomplish these tasks easily, intuitively and expertly.  

Avid Pro Tools is the music industry standard in DAWs, attracting popular music producers that include Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Mick Ronson and Rick Rubin.  

So, you may wonder if buying the software is enough. Do you need more guidance for this DAW? Is Avid Pro Tools certification important?

Learn more about Avid Pro Tools Certification and what it means to your technical music career.  

What Is Avid Pro Tools? 

Avid Pro Tools is the premier DAW in the music industry, offering serious musicians a single software platform to manage tracks, from composition to final edits. The software comes with professional-quality music and audio management tools, allowing for dynamic recording, MID and score editing tools. The platform also includes studio-staple sound processors and full mixing automation.  

For musicians who want everything in one place, ready for productivity, Pro Tools has it all.  

Why Do Music Industry Professionals Seek Out Avid Pro Tools Certification?  

The mere basic version of this platform is highly comprehensive, offering plenty of bells and whistles for professional musicians, but Avid takes it much farther. Pro Tools allows for greatly expanded productivity capabilities, such as the following:  

  •    Edits and mixes large-scale productions allowing for up to 128 audio tracks, 512 musical instrument tracks, and 512 MIDI tracks.  
  •    Mixes quickly and effectively, using VA Masters, Track Freeze, and professional metering, along with the ability to automate nearly every part of your mix.  
  •    Allows you to explore alternative versions of a song or soundtrack by using the Project Revisions feature.  
  •    Takes remote control from an iPad when using the iOS app.  

What Benefits Does Avid Pro Tools Certification Provide?  

By taking a certification course and obtaining certification, you will gain several important benefits, such as the following:  

  •    Helps you gain a better understanding of the basic concepts, features, and capabilities of Pro Tools.  
  •    Increases your marketability to music industry employers.  
  •    Helps to advance your career in the highly competitive music and entertainment industry.  
  •    Serves as validation for yourself, reaffirming your skills, as well as to your clients, employers, and colleagues.  
  •    Features high-quality sound, whether you are simply tracking through an audio interface or guiding it directly to your computer.  
  •    Sharpen performances with tools like loop recording and track playlists.  
  •    Shapes enhances and polish final mixes with sound pressing effects and plugins. A few of the available polishing tools include high-quality reverbs, dynamics, EQs and guitar amp emulators.  
  •    Lets you collaborate with up to 10 fellow online musicians in the cloud with Avid Cloud Collaboration. For one project, each member of the group can access projects from anywhere, using a Pro Tools-equipped computer.  
  •    Allows you to easily share your final music, edits, and mixes with your audience and your selected media. Online, connect with an extensive network of media professionals, via the Avid Artist Community, where you will find collaborators with whom you can promote your work and skills.  
  •    Reshapes sounds, providing effects and qualities such as more texture, clarity, warmth, reverberation, and echo.  
  •    Shifts the temp or timing on a whim with Elastic Time.  
  •    Replaces bad notes with perfect pitch, thanks to Elastic Pitch.  
  •    Gives you the opportunity to hear and correct errors with premium editing functionality.  
  •    Offers you the chance to sound like a top-tier music professional, no matter where you are in your studies or career.  

Is Avid Pro Tools Certification Worth It?  

When it comes down to it, whether Avid Pro Tools Certification is worth it or not has more to do with your musical aspirations than anything. Judging by the many listed benefits, the team at Musicians Institute finds the software to be indispensable to our curriculum. Students who previously tried to piecemeal programs, melding components from various components that do not always work together well, appreciate having an all-in-one solution to every music need.  

If you are a student or working professional, there is no downside to learning Avid Pro Tools and earning certification. As a matter of fact, the benefits greatly outweigh ignoring taking on this class and testing for certification. At the very least, you will have a greater understanding of the DAW for future personal use, or as a way to impress a prospective employer.  

Are You Interested in Learning More About Avid Pro Tools Certification?  

Do you need more information before committing to a certification program? At Musicians Institute, we offer a full Avid Pro Tools Certification Program designed for our talented, busy and industrious students. In our classes, you will learn everything you need to know about this industry-standard software in just a few weekends.  

We teach students in high school or college, as well as professionally working musicians who need additional expertise with the software or official certification to land that dream job. Our weekend roster of classes is ideal for students who are short on time but not on dedication. If you are ready to dig deeper into Avid Pro Tools, we are here to help. Once you have finished the classes, you will be fully prepared to test both as an Avid Pro Tools User and to earn Operator Certification.  

Contact Musicians Institute to let us know you are ready for your Avid Pro Tools Certification!  

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