While March 8, 2020 was celebrated as International Women’s Day all over the globe, we wanted to expand the day to honor women in music for an entire month. So today, March 9, Musicians Institute announces our Women in Music Month, where we will be sharing stories, quotes, photos, and insights on some of the women that have broken barriers since the beginnings of American music.

We are aiming to shine a light on artists from diverse backgrounds, genres and talents, because we know those are the traits that have women in music impossible to ignore, especially in an industry that has been traditionally male.

So, keep your eye out on our pages for special content that we will be creating and sharing throughout the month, covering everything from well established female artists to MI faculty, and MI alumni who are just making their marks in the music world.

One thing’s for sure, music would never be what is it today without the contribution of so many brilliant women.


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