Our Instructor Spotlight series is where we highlight current members of the MI faculty and ask them about their programs, their inspirations, advice and beyond.

Name: Josh Weatherspoon a.k.a. Josh Spoon

Genres: Hip Hop / Electronic / Rock

Expertise: Ableton Live, music production, arranging, mixing, drums, bass

Programs Taught at Musicians Institute: Electronic Music Production, DJ Performance & Production, Independent Artist Production

Where To Find Him:  joshspoon.com/music

Get To Know

Josh has blended multiple backgrounds in technology and art to create music and teach in a way that is accessible to many types of people. As a musician, he combines his love of various popular genres and makes them his own.  As an educator, Josh has worked with Yamaha, Arturia and Ableton creating various tutorials, written curriculum for Musicians Institute, as well as trained many touring artists how to better produce their live shows.

Biggest Musical Influences: MF DOOM, John Frusciante, Q-Tip, Stevie Wonder, Tripping Daisy, Deftones, Radiohead

What is most exciting to you in music/music technology currently? That there are so many ways to get your ideas made and out without a lot of money. You build a career with just a phone.

What is your creative process? I usually start out on Ableton Push, playing chords that sound great together. Once the chords are established, I begin to work on a beat that supports it. Next I usually try to write a melody and/or soloing ideas on keys, bass or synth then pick the best one. From there, I will come up with another section to support the first set of chords and repeat the process over till I have 4-5 scenes that work well together. Lastly, I sequence everything out, build elements that connect the ideas and mix/master into a full song.

Favorite MI class taught? I love Music Production Workshop (private music production lesson) and other one-on-one classes. I can meet a direct need and we can really nerd out on whatever the student is interested in.

Why should students choose MI to learn their craft? There are so many different talents and people converging at this spot [MI]. If you rap and need a bass player, there are tons. If you want to collaborate with an EDM producer and you play jazz piano, they are all here on this campus.

Interested in audio production, DJing, producing and more? Check out MI’s production programs to see what we offer and how we can help make your dreams come true!

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