There comes a time in almost every artist’s career when they may need to rent a recording studio. Whether that’s to record vocals or a voiceover for visual media: you’ll need to know the cost to fit it into your budget.

As a professional in the music industry, you’ll benefit from the hands-on experience you’ll receive in a studio, whether you get famous or not. The studio will have everything you need to be successful. Everything including sound gear, instruments, and recording equipment: is all in one place. That means you won’t need to buy every piece of equipment to debut a new album with your band.

However, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much it will cost you to use a recording studio. There are a lot of factors that play a part in the price.

One recording studio in Los Angeles costs $29 an hour for a four-hour minimum block for a studio rental without a sound engineer. If you need a studio with a sound engineer, it costs $49 an hour and has a two-hour minimum.

However, another recording studio in Los Angeles will cost you around $84 an hour for a two-hour studio rental with a sound engineer.

With these prices in mind, you’re looking at anywhere from $232 to $672 for a full day in the studio. The prices will always vary depending on your individual needs, specific location, and specific things you may be looking for in a studio.

Why do these prices differ so much? There are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

Let’s take a closer look at a few.

Factors to consider when renting a recording studio


The location is always going to play a role in the cost. A studio in Los Angeles or New York City may cost you more than in Chicago or Las Vegas. You may need to look around in different cities and neighborhoods to find a studio to accommodate your needs and fits your budget.

The Equipment

The higher quality of equipment, the higher the cost. You can expect to pay a lot more for a studio that is outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment when compared to ones that are using more budget-friendly equipment.

Size of the Studio

Every music studio is a different size. If you need something bigger you can expect to pay more. Larger studios can accommodate more musicians and instruments, which is a must-have for some individuals looking to record with their entire band.


Some studios offer memberships for artists looking to come into the studio more often. A typical membership cost is around $250 a month on average. Memberships typically will allow you to record and edit with one or two individuals per session. Prices will increase with the more people you plan on having with you. If you plan on using the studio more frequently, you may save money with a membership over a studio’s hourly rate.

How much time do you need?

This is going to depend on your overall goal. If you’re going to use a recording studio to record your vocals, you may be in and out quicker than most. However, if you’re recording a song or an album, you may need to use the studio for 12 hours or more.

To help put things in perspective, it usually takes around two weeks to record an album in a studio, and that’s just the start of it. You’ll need to consider the hours to mix, make, record, and master your music.

How MI can help

If you’re passionate about music production and can’t wait to get yourself into a studio, it may be a sign you should consider the music production program at Musician Institute. Enrolling in a music production program at MI can help you sharpen your skillset and provide you with the educational foundation that you need that will take your music career to new heights. Our professionals will show you everything you need to know so you can feel comfortable in a studio so when it comes time to rent one for yourself, you’ll know exactly what you need.

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