As a student, you have probably always heard that internships are integral in landing the job of your dreams in the music industry.

With that in mind, The Mix spoke with Carolann Mota, Musicians Institute’s very own Internship Coordinator, who gave us some helpful insight and tips on the importance of doing an internship while still in college, and how it can be the biggest key in helping you find your perfect music industry job.

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Describe the process of applying for an internship.

First, the student must apply to be enrolled in the internship course a quarter before by signing up for an interview with myself and another ACS member.

Depending on what program they are in, Audio or Common Course (for performance and composition) the requirements vary but they both require a resume.

Once a student is enrolled in the internship course at MI, students will prepare their resumes with our Career Development Coordinator and then meet with me to discuss their field of interests to narrow down on open opportunities. I then send off their resume to the companies and the company reaches out if interested for an interview.

How important is it for students to take part in an internship while studying?

I believe doing an internship while you’re in school is key to really expanding your network. It’s so important because this is the time where you can gain experience, test out the fields that interest you and really see first hand what’s it like to work in the business.

After you graduate, you have to hustle to find work, and having an internship on your resume can really help push you to the top of candidates applying.

What kind of internships does MI offer the most of? Is there a specific program?

MI offers internships at record labels (major and indie), composer’s studios, music publishers, magazines, management companies, merchandisers, and more. There are three intern programs: Audio Engineering, Common Course, and the Music Business Program that has a built-in internship.

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What are some of the most memorable internship placements you have helped MI students with?

There are so many great stories from interns, it’s amazing. We had an audio student intern for the band Ministry, he did so well in their studio that they took him on tour after he graduated to shadow their sound engineer. We also had a recent Music Business student who interned at hip hop label RBC Records and ended up getting hired full time and now works in the A&R department.

Are there any new platforms or initiatives the ACS is starting to better place students at an internship?

Yes, we are constantly making connections at events to grow our internship list and we are holding internship workshops every quarter in the student lounge to go over how to apply, when to apply, materials needed to really help students prepare an understand what an internship is. The workshop usually takes place on week 4.

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Any final advice for students who need help finding their perfect internship?

Read everything before applying, make sure you’re prepared, show up early to interviews, and practice your pitch about yourself. Show them why they should pick you.

For further information on internships or to post an internship opportunity, please contact the Internship Coordinator at

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