You have probably been looking for a Billie Eilish Valentine’s day card to send to your lover, right? You’re in luck! Musicians Institute decided to celebrate this day of love with things that we love: MUSIC.

We thought about two artists we think really gather the MI spirit. We chose Billie Eilish for her fresh approach to vocals and lyrics, her inventiveness, and how she is leading the next generation of young musicians. We chose Ozzy Osbourne because he’s a classic rockstar: a bit brash, honest, confident, puts on a good show, and, really, doesn’t take anything from anyone.

Both of those sounds a lot like our MI students and MI alumni. 😎 Anyway, here are your custom MI Valentine’s Day cards to show your friends, lovers and bandmates how much you really love them.

Click here to download Billie Eilish V-Day card PDF.

Click here to download JPEG.


Click here to download Ozzy Osbourne V-Day card.

Click here to download JPEG.


If you’re a musician and want to explore your possibilities at MI, make sure to check!

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