On January 24, Musicians Institute hosted metal supergroup Metal Allegiance for a special clinic for students before their big show at House of Blues Anaheim for NAMM 2018. While listening to epic stories from each of their music pasts, students were treated to a nice surprise when MI received a specific shout-out from Dave Ellefson of Megadeth, who said during the clinic that Megadeth was formed “as a result of Musicians Institute.”

While Ellefson has spoken about the formation of Megadeth in the past, his enthusiasm and pride of his time at MI was the perfect amount of motivation for current students looking to follow their own music dreams. Ellefson recounted his journey to Hollywood in detail. He said that growing up in Minnesota, he got most of his music knowledge from rock magazines and while learning of a new band, Van Halen, was inspired to move to Los Angeles.

While living in his student assigned apartment in Hollywood, Ellefson ceremoniously met David Mustaine who lived above him and complained of his loud playing. Mustaine had just left Metallica, and they got to talk music and well, the rest is rock ‘n’ roll history. While some luck and coincidence led to Mustaine and Ellefson hitting it off, making that decision to be in the middle of it all at Musicians Institute is proof that location and drive is also the key to success.

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