Tim Mosher is a prolific and dynamic composer, producer, and guitarist. He launched his
career as a major label recording artist, later segueing into commercial composing and
production. In the last twenty years, he has written main title themes and score for over 40
television shows. His music has been featured on every major network, cable, and
streaming platform, and appears in countless TV episodes. In addition, he has composed
music for over 25 commercials for international brands, including Toyota, Diet Dr. Pepper,
Coppertone, and Old Navy. His theme song for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
(CBS) aired daily for a decade.

Recently Tim launched “TheTeam” (together with Timothy Edwards), a bespoke music
catalog company servicing E!, Hallmark Channel, Oxygen, TruTV, and GAC. Tim also has
created library collections — in excess of 500 titles — for many of the predominant
production music libraries including APM, 5 Alarm Music, Universal, Telepictures, and
Mega Tracks.

He began his professional musical career as the singer, songwriter, and guitarist for Broken
Glass (Chrysalis Records), and went on to write and play guitar for Suckerpunch (510/MCA
Records) and Junkyard (Geffen/Universal). Tim continues to tour with Junkyard, and has
completed multiple tours of Europe and the United States over the last ten years. With
Junkyard, Tim wrote, performed, and produced the band’s 2017 release “High Water,”
which reached #25 on the Billboard Hard Rock Chart.

As a songwriter, Tim has worked with artists such as Fred Schnieder of the B-52s, Steve
Jones of the Sex Pistols, and The Chelsea Smiles. Tim worked as the musical director for
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, playing guitar and leading the house band live
on the air on numerous occasions, such as the show’s Super Bowl Special and the Series

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