Born and raised in Tampa, Florida; Shaun’s interest in music started with classic piano at the age of nine. By 14 years old, he had taught himself to play guitar, bass, drums and to sing. Performing with several bands and attempting to record songs written in the groups sparked an interested in audio engineering. After finishing high school early, Shaun started working in a small studio in Reno, Nevada. Interested in expanding is knowledge and career, he moved to Los Angeles to study music and engineering while working in larger studios.

Shaun has worked at studios such as Mad Dog Studios in Burbank and The Cave in Beverly Hills (owned by Billy Bob Thornton); with engineers such as Anthony Kilhoffer (Kanye West, Eminem); artists such as Jaime Foxx, Max Weinberg, Assemble the Skyline, Sun City Revival, Murder and the Harlot, and Jin Akanishi; video game company Square Enix; and on films such as I Love You Phillip Morris and The Truth in Being Right.

Shaun started teaching at MI in 2009. He is an Avid Pro Tools 10 Certified Instructor, Apple Logic Certified Pro, and is Waves Gold certified along with being well versed in Studio One, Cubase, Ableton, and other DAWs. He has a very strong knowledge of many consoles including the SSL 4000G+, Neve VX, API 1608, Trident A-Range, SSL Duality, Digidesign Icon, and the Avid Euphonix Fusion System 5.

Shaun owns a small Hollywood-based studio named HyperSound Studio. In his spare time, he enjoys building audio engineering electronic gear, such as 1176 compressors and 1073 mic pres.

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