MI Drum program alum, Anderson Paak, has been one of our favorite alums to keep track of after they left the MI campus. He and his band, The Free Nationals (which is also made up of two other MI alum, Ron Avant and Jose Rios,) have been steadily putting out incredible music in the realm of funk, hip hop, r&b, and soul, which got attention for hip-hop legend, Dr. Dre.

For his next solo album, Oxnard, Paak once again teamed up with Dre and released his newest single, Tints. The laid-back track (with Kendrick Lamar) is perfect for long drives by the beach and had another MI connection: Audio Engineering student, Mariana Sampaio, served as one of the engineers on the track! Paak’s album isn’t out until November 11, but we are excited to keep an eye out on what all our talented MI alumni are up to! Check out the “Tints” track below.


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