Since graduating with his Associate of Arts in 2007, Tyler Zarzeka splits his time between drumming, studio work, and teaching for some of the biggest names in the industry. Finding work at Center Staging in 2007 led him to other teching opportunities and he has since worked with Hanson, Adele, 3 Doors Down, Adam Lambert, and Patti LaBelle. He found time between those jobs to perform on tour with Jive Records artist Lesley Roy from 2008 through 2010. Tyler has been working independently with Usher for the last two years as the drum tech for Aaron Spears.

More recently in his career, Tyler has been a part of the bands for Charlie Puth and Kiiara and is out on the road with Noah Cyrus during Katy Perry’s worldwide tour. Tyler has admitted that he owes “everything to Musician’s Institute,” citing that he learned to never get comfortable in his career, which in turn has lead him to all of his diverse jobs so far as a drummer.

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