She Nova (Nova Renay) is from Fort Worth, Texas and can trace her love of music to her very early childhood. Some of her earliest memories include her mimicking her mother on the grand piano as she played Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart and soon after she joined her school theatre where she sang and danced in various musicals. At the age of 11, Nova was signed by a major talent agency in Los Angeles, and she booked a role on the Nickelodeon show, Unfabulous, with Emma Roberts. Throughout this time, Nova continued to write songs and pursue her love of music. After officially moving to Hollywood, she enrolled in Musicians Institute, where she received a Certificate in Independent Artist and Associate of Arts in Performance (Keyboard.)

Nova says,

“I chose MI because I wanted a place to hone my craft and be in music 24/7…Since I was just 18 and living on my own in L.A. for the first time, the sense of community and purpose the campus gave me was paramount. L.A. can be a scary place for a young girl starting in music, but MI gave me confidence and a foundation in the music world no other place could.”

Once she graduated, she fully immersed herself in the scene with countless sessions and gigs, including being keyboardist/bandleader for Six Flags Magic Mountain’s year-round band and playing keys on the television show, Glee. This momentum eventually led to Nova meeting GRAMMY® Award-winning musician, recording artist, producer, and songwriter Printz Board through a friend. The two musicians shared a similar vision and began making music together as the duo, Parker Lane.

“From the labs to Live Performance Workshops to songwriting circles, MI really ingrained in me that you must completely immerse yourself in your craft in order to master anything,”

Nova said.

“I used to do tons of non-class required performances, workshops and student meetups and would even promote the shows I use to book at other Hollywood venues on all the MI bulletin boards. MI gave me the confidence to really be myself and never second guess putting my art into the world.”

You can now catch She Nova performing her original music live in Los Angeles as well as weekly on the streaming platform Twitch, where she plays her original songs acoustically, creates live loops through Ableton on the spot and interacts with her “weirdo crew” in real time.

Nova’s debut song “She Weirdo” is an anthem to all the outcasts and dreamers who write their own meaning. It’s a song that plays to the inner weirdo inside of everyone.