Kip Carlson is a native of Couer D’Alene, Idaho and had many early memories of his love for music. He played a few instruments while growing up, and first was introduced to music production by a friend who taught him how to use Fruity Loops. From there, a young Kip started DJing at a club in his hometown, but there were still limited DJing opportunities. He then put his career on hold when dealing with some health concerns, but a serendipitous trip with a friend set him on the path to Musicians Institute.

He accompanied a friend to their MI Open House and he met DJ Instructor, Lacey Harris, who explained to him the program and he decided to also enroll at MI. He drove back to Idaho and was back in Hollywood within two weeks for summer classes in the DJ Performance and Production program.

Since graduating with a certificate in the program, Kip continues to work on new music, and has found work in the realm of music venues in and around Los Angeles, while also seeking mentorship from his MI instructor, Lacey. Kip insists that networking was one of the most important skills he took from MI and said,

“The things I have learned, the people I have met, the connections, and resources provided by MI have really helped me move forward in my career…MI has had a huge impact on me personally as well as my current success and will continue to impact me in future endeavors.”

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