Hao-Yue Kuang is a composer and independent artist currently based in Sydney, Australia. Born and raised in Kunming, a city in southwest China, she first pursued a Bachelor degree in English and literature in Shanghai. During her time at school back home, she spent much of her free time in the student music club. While performing with the club, Hao-Yue met, TKTK, an alumni of MI’s Drum program who told her about the school, and when she grew restless of her future in teaching, she decided to enroll in MI.

For six years, she lived and worked in Los Angeles, writing both commercial music for film/TV and her own artist materials. She released her first EP “These Darling Wings” in 2014. Her works can be heard in many well-known American TV shows such as “The Blacklist”, “Elementary,” “Jane The Virgin,” and more. Currently, after reinvention and growth, she’s working on her second EP in a whole new musical direction, alongside many film/TV composing projects. Hao-Yue says of her education at MI,

“MI has taught me was to take initiative and be practical in the way we approach our music career. In the IAP program, I’ve learnt early on to rely on myself before I expect help. There was no illusion about the nature of the industry, nor snobbish pride in thinking that talent can replace hard work.”