Gaby Micalizzi, known as Alaya, used to watch, sing and dance to Michael Jackson and Madonna’s DVDs when she was growing up. Once she was old enough to go to college, she decided to pursue music and heard about MI as one of the best music schools at the time. Wanting to find a non-classical place to learn music, she moved from Venezuela to LA to begin her career. After her time at MI, Alaya worked at a few internships on and off campus, where she made valuable connections.

At an internship in 2015, she met the multi-award- winning producer Sebastian Jacome and CEO of Planethelio Records, which eventually lead to her releasing her first single “Bling Bling” and a joint venture with Warner Music Latin. “Bling Bling,” was written by Alaya and Sebastian and is the first single that will appear on her debut album ALAYA coming in 2018. As the new generation of female Latin Pop singers, Alaya has taken the work ethic and passion for music she perfected at MI and is looking ahead to becoming a leading name on the scene.

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