Christoffer Johansson grew up in Sweden and always had a deep connection to music and always felt that he wanted to be on stage one day, playing music. When he was 12 years old, Christoffer wasn’t interested in playing and instrument or singing in the class, but his music teacher encouraged him to instead put together a song of his choice during that time.

Christoffer said of his first experience with production,

“I got so compelled and blown away by how amazing it was…to make music without any kind of knowledge about music theory- just pure imagination and a creative outlet.”

When the time came, he moved to Los Angeles after deciding that he wanted to become a producer and songwriter, and MI’s location in Hollywood was ideal to kick off his career. While at MI, Christoffer met Niko Lindhe, a fellow Swedish DJ student and they formed their production duo, Panorama Blvd. In the Fall of 2017, Panorama Blvd performed at Avalon in Hollywood, alongside MI instructors and fellow students. They are currently DJing events and clubs in and around LA and producing and writing new material, with their most recent remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Everybody Hates Me” currently at 14k streams.

Christoffer added,

“MI has given us the knowledge and pushed us in the right direction- now it’s up to us to walk the great road to success.”

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