Buddhi De Mal is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Sri Lanka who counts his upbringing during a civil war as one of his biggest inspirations in making his music. Growing up, he was inspired by Western contemporary music and being that English was not his first language, he decided to study abroad in the U.S. to further study the music he loved. After extensive research, Buddhi decided that Musicians Institute was the best fit for his aspirations as an artist.

Currently, Buddhi performs with his band, The Sutra, based in LA and his band back home in Sri Lanka, Wagon Park. While at MI, he also recorded and released his debut solo EP, showcasing a mix of blues, folk, country and rock musical influences. Buddhi shared that MI was an integral part in helping him achieve his goals as a musician so far and said,

During my time at MI, I received the knowledge, experience and the right people to create the music I always wanted to. MI gave me the opportunity to make professional connections that would have not been possible if I didn’t choose the Independent Artist Program (IAP)…I have and I will recommend MI to any aspiring musician who believe in achieving their musical dreams.

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