Before Brooke White was performing in front of millions of people on the American Idol stage, she was another Vocal student at MI in 2003 hoping that she would catch her big break. At the age of 19, Brooke was found by her producer, manager, guitar player, Tim Simms, after a recommendation from an MI instructor who was a friend of his. After he heard her sing, he signed her and helped her on her quest to succeed.

While being rejected from record labels, they tirelessly recorded her first album Songs in The Attic. Brooke eventually auditioned for American Idol in 2008, where she ended up in the Top 5! After she was voted off the show, a track from Brooke’s album, “Come To My Rescue” (written in collaboration with MI instructor Robin Randall) reached # 20 on the overall itunes bestseller chart and #2 in the Pop Singer/Songwriter category. Currently, Brooke is involved in many charity organizations and went on to be part of duo, Jack and White, with singer/songwriter Jack Matranga. She also went on to act in two projects, a FOX TV movie “Change of Plans” and Hallmark Movie Channel film, “Banner 4th of July.”

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