Axel Elmdahl is a 20 year old record producer and DJ originally from Sweden. He grew up loving music and started listening to how songs were built and what types of instruments were used, more than listening to the song itself. As house music grew in popularity and more festivals were started, Axel dreamed about headlining those festival main stages.

While in high school back home, he heard about different schools in cities around the world, including places like Berlin, New York, Miami and L.A. He always dreamed of living in L.A. and after researching various music schools in the area, he decided that Musicians Institute had everything that he wanted to study.

Axel went on to graduate with a certificate in DJ performance and production. Currently, Axel produces R&B, Hip Hop and EDM tracks in the studio and plays everything from Jay-Z to Jason Derulo, to deep techno to straight EDM. Everything to surprise and please the crowd in a way they could not imagine.

The most important thing I learned from MI is that music is so much more than just some piano chords, drums and a singer. For me, music is the community, the people you meet and what you learn and share with others. This will always motivate me to keep going forwards.

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