Through The Lens is our weekly series where we highlight current students and faculty, capture them on campus and ask them about their inspirations, advice and beyond.

1. Describe the moment/s when you knew that you wanted to study music further.

I’ve always had this crazy drive to create art/music. When I was little, I always gathered my family together and performed for them, constantly singing & writing songs. My dad saw this in me very early and always told me, “You’re going to be my superstar,” and made sure to put me in choirs and private lessons when I was young. I always had a dream to move to the US to pursue music, so after I graduated I decided to move to LA and continue my artistic journey and I am still here to this day.

2. Which artist, band or composer would you most want to meet and collaborate with? Why?

For my singer/songwriter/performer side it'[s always been a wish to collaborate with David Lynch & Banks.

As a DJ, one of my biggest inspirations is Nina Kraviz. I would love to collaborate and share a stage with her one day.

3. If there is one piece of advice that you could give to other [area of study] students, what would it be?

I’ve studied both the independent artist program and the DJ program at MI.

My two biggest advices is:

Time flies by really fast. For all the independent artist students, stay in line for all the PAs, and never miss an opportunity to share your art with the teachers. They were my best friends and many of them changed my life and my way of thinking by giving me great advice, but always remember to listen to yourself first!

For the DJ program students, find your biggest inspirations and constantly dig music, find your sound and the genres you enjoy the most, then try all the gear that MI has to offer and decide what fits your style best. And the best part is, use the studio and produce! For me, starting off with no experience in DJing until now being able to perform & produce, this pattern really made my time worth!

4. What the most important lesson you’ve learned at MI so far? What has surprised you the most about MI?

I’ve learned to not be afraid of expressing myself to others, to be proud of my art no matter how weird, intimidating and amazing it is. Never forget that it’s a part of you! I’ve also learned to know that it takes time to be great. That was one of my hardest challenges and still is to this day.

5. Where do you find  the inspiration to pick up your instrument /practice everyday?

Within myself. I connect my inspiration to my fears, inner pain and experiences which I battle everyday, but for me that has never been a bad thing, it has only helped me express and share my art.

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