MI Online is happy to announce the launch of its newest degree option: the Online Bachelor of Music in Performance! Musicians Institute already has offered the Bachelor of Music in Performance for its on campus students, but now students from all over the world can take their music education to the next level with MIO. The performance instruments available for the MIO Bachelor degree include guitar, bass, vocals, drum, and keyboard.

The online bachelor degree is for the music student that is looking to further study the foundational concepts of music theory and ear training, while also taking classes to make them well-rounded, working musicians. This includes classes in conducting, audio production, business relations, music management, and much more! If you’ve been thinking about furthering your music education (without having to relocate), here are five benefits of earning your bachelor of music degree online from Musicians Institute.

1. Log on to your classes from anywhere

Let’s face it: Moving anywhere is a huge investment, and moving anywhere in addition to paying for your education is even more! One of the greatest benefits of earning a music degree online is being able to study from anywhere in the world, with an internet connection. Our online bachelor classes can take their classes during the allotted live class session, or they have the flexibility to watch a recording, so their degree can fit into their life.

Artists producing music in their home sound studio.

2. More affordable than a campus education

Online education is on average far more affordable than campus. Some of the factors include: no commuting costs, and sometimes required course materials, such as textbooks, are available online at no cost. At MI, our MI Online programs are 18% cheaper than our campus programs, because the online tuition does not include use of our facilities. BUT, as a Bachelor online student, you will have a chance to experience our campus life and facilities…but more on that later!

3. Experience with cutting-edge remote technology

An exciting aspect of our online programs (specific to our Bachelor of Music in Performance degree) is our Remote Ensemble Performance (REP). Students will use cutting-edge low latency remote ensemble technology that will allow them to jam and perform from their home or studio with other online students, separated by hundreds of miles.

4. Travel to Hollywood during your studies

At the conclusion of their sixth and twelfth quarter, students travel to Los Angeles, CA to participate in the On-Campus Intensive (OCI), where they will meet faculty and fellow online students as they complete Bachelor Ensemble and Jury requirements face-to-face on the Musicians Institute campus.

The OCI experience is already included as part of the student fees. Special workshops and seminars will be also be available with instructors and guest artists during this time, as well as other student services, such as meeting with our Artist & Career Services for career guidance.

5. Learn traditional and contemporary music techniques

Musicians Institute was founded in 1976 as a guitar school and developed into one of the premier contemporary music schools in the country. Unlike other established online Bachelor in Performance degrees, MI Online prepares you to be a successful modern musician in the modern musical landscape through an immersive and collaborative curriculum. While our degree program offers in-depth studies of traditional/classical traditions, we also focus on contemporary techniques related to performance and production.

Musicians Institute is the leader in contemporary music education offering certificates to Masters degrees in programs spanning instrument performance, electronic production, music business, and everything in between.

For more information on all programs offered, please visit here: mi.edu/programs/

For more information on MI Online programs, please visit here: mi.edu/programs/mi-online/

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