Adam Skeppar is a guitarist from Sweden based in Los Angeles. He was born in a town south of Stockholm, Sodertalje, and he found his first love of music at 11 when he saw his dad pick up and play the guitar. From then on, he started listening to bands like Europe, KISS and Iron Maiden, and eventually started jamming with friends in middle school.

He studied music in High school for 3 years and then additionally studied a one year music program in Nykoping. After playing in multiple bands, he decided to move to Hollywood at 21 years old to take his music career to the next level.

He graduated from Musicians Institute’s Guitar Program in March 2018 with an Associates Degree, along with accolades such as the “Outstanding Player of 2018” Award, the Musicians Scholarship, and the International Musicians Scholarship. After graduation, he immediately began playing with America’s Got Talent Winner Bianca Ryan, whom he continues to perform with in numerous different scenarios including TV appearances, radio, etc.

He’s done special guest appearances for Steve Vai, Normans Rare Guitars, and Musicians Institute. Currently, Adam is touring with the artist, The Reasn, and The Modern ABBA Experience ABBARAMA as one of the four main members, alongside MI alumni Diana Ebe and Lucas Bomeny.

Adam credits MI for helping him to “really dive deep and understand different genres of music,” which will inevitably open up his career options in the future.