Lukas Cuman was born near Venezia, Italy and grew up playing guitar and drums since he was seven years old. After graduating from high school, having always been fascinated by sound, he connected with producers, composers, and engineers in Milano and fell in love with the technical side of the music industry. 

After deciding he wanted to go to Los Angeles and work in the industry, he searched for the perfect school that could give him the technical and theoretical knowledge for doing this as a living. He said, “I had no doubt that the Musicians Institute was the right place to go.”

He said of his journey to and after MI,

“In 2020, I moved to LA. After becoming an Avid Pro Tools Certified and graduating from the Certificate Audio Engineering program I met Sage Principini, producer and songwriter who brought me to his recording studio called Speakeasy Studios LA , where I started as an intern. After a few months, they immediately pushed me to engineer the sessions. Now, I am the Lead Engineer of the studio and I couldn’t be happier!”

So far in his career, he has worked with Chance The Rapper, Bebe Rexha, the Italian artists Vasco Rossi, and Ultimo, among many others. He’s had a few sessions with top producers like Ido Zmishlany (producer of Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello) and Jose Luis Pagan (producer of Jennifer Lopez).

1. Where did you first find your love for music and why did you choose to come to MI?

I found my love for music when I was 7 and my parents gave me my first classical guitar. I chose to come to MI because is the most prestigious school, with professional teachers and the best gear you can find for hands-on experience.

2. What was the most important thing you learned at MI and how did it impact your current (and future) success?

The most important thing I learned at MI was Acoustic, Critical Listening, and of course the Recording and Mixing class. You will never finish learning this stuff and is a challenge to improve yourself every single day.

3. What was your favorite class or resource at MI?

My favorite mentors were Adam Kagan, who knows about everything, Otto, who is the best at teaching Pro Tools, and Kris Hawkins for his patience and skills to encourage every single student for doing their best. I can’t forget Zahari for helping me with more technical stuff even after class.

4. What advice can you give current MI students looking forward to a career in music?

The biggest advice I can give to current students is to really do their best on everything and trust yourself. Don’t just attend the lecture and go home but stay at the campus and connect with people because you are in the perfect place for doing what you love. Spend time doing what you feel you need to improve the most and you will see.

5. What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on so far? What’s your dream?

I take all of my sessions as the most important ones, whether it’s a big star or it’s a small, independent band. For now, my favorite project is the song “2 Step” with Ed Sheehan ft. Ultimo which I had the honor to record at Westlake.

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