Ray Luzier grew up on a farm outside of Pittsburgh, PA, and started playing drums when he was only five years old. In 1989, he graduated from Musicians Institute, and he went on to teach here from 1992 until 2001. In the early ‘00s, Luzier got his first major breaks in the business by playing in David Lee Roth’s band. During that time, he also joined the band Steel Panther as a drummer. While playing with these bands, he also took part in the band, Army of Anyone, formed by members of Stone Temple Pilots.

In 2007, Ray joined Korn, a gig that would change his life. He became a permanent member of the band in 2009 and they have enjoyed immense success around the world. He has also released instructional DVDs, scoring the #2 spot in the 2006 Modern Drummer Magazine reader’s poll for “Best Instructional DVD”. His videos are successful for his talent and passion and background as an instructor at MI. He recently returned to MI to supervise the talent auditions here for Jonathan Davis’s solo tour.

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