Megan G. Murray is an Indian born singer-songwriter now currently living in Los Angeles after moving to pursue a career in music. While her own music and style can be best described as an eclectic mix of Blues, Rock, and funk, she has the deepest passion for blues and soul, being emotionally captivated by its rawness and honesty.

“My very first memory of music as a child was [hearing] James Taylor’s “Steamroller Blues.”

That stuff turned on a switch in my brain at a very young age” Encouraged by her father’s love for music and her own passion, Megan took part in every choir, theatrical production, or talent show at key venues in and around India.

In 2014, Megan moved to Los Angeles with a scholarship to MI and enrolled in the Vocal Program, while later making the switch to the Independent Artist Program. Upon graduation, she received the Student of the Year award, which set the mood for her career until now.

In India, Megan has collaborated and shared the stage with some of the country’s eminent musicians such as Merlyn D’souza, Rhys Sebastian, Mr. Louis Banks, Dominique and Clinton Cerejo to name a few, and has also recorded add jingles for brands like Maybelline Baby Lips, 7-UP Lemon Lift, etc.

Megan works as a session musician for various artists in Los Angeles, while also performing at some prominent venues in and outside California like the legendary Buddy Guy’s Blues Club and the Bitter End in NYC, sharing the stage with old time blues veterans Jimmy Burns and Randy Johnson and Richie Cannata (sax player for Billy Joel) and Tommy Bowes (Tower Of Power.) Megan has her sights set on releasing her EP later in the year,

Megan was always looking for a contemporary music school that also taught the rich history of music, and MI was her perfect fit. She says of what she learned at MI,

“I learned so many things at MI that just naming one would be inadequate because all of these things shaped me as a person and a musician today…MI lets you explore. It provides you with all the tools and then leaves it up to you to chart out your own destiny with those tools. It’s how you use them and how much use you make of them that’s the key. Its only up to YOU to make the most of it.”