Photo Credit: Marlin Munoz

Back in 2015, up and coming singer, Zacari Pacaldo, was a Vocal student at Musicians Institute. He was another MI student trying to make his dreams come true in Hollywood, and three years later, Zacari is a Top Dawg Entertainment signee!

Zacari’s name first got well known when he was one of only three features on Kendrink Lamar’s critically acclaimed album DAMN, on which he sang the chorus on the single, “LOVE.” 

On the heels of the recently announced news that he signed his record deal with Kendrick Lamar’s label, Zacari just premiered a music video for his first solo single, “Don’t Trip.”

When people were scrambling to find out who that smooth voice was on “LOVE.”, many found out that Zacari attended Musicians Institute to give his career a boost. In an interview with Billboard in 2017, Zacari said he always wanted to do music, but first went to Alaska after high school to save up some money while he was dishwasher-turn- fish and bear viewing guide!

He said of his path after that, “That was such an amazing job. Part of that too was to save money to help my parents to get me to the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles.”

Zacari seems poised for a lot of success this year with his upcoming music and we wish him the best of luck!

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