By now, you all might have heard that iconic guitar band, Gibson, has filed for bankruptcy. To add insult to injury, Rolling Stone soon after published a piece after the news spread, titled Guitars Are Getting More Popular. So Why Do We Think They’re Dying?causing reader and guitar aficionados alike to think: Is this really the end of the guitar?

That statement sounds scary and has caused many music lovers and people in the industry to think about the popularity of the guitar. Since MI was built on the passion of legacy of the guitar, we are obviously inclined to believe that our students and instructors still believe in the power of the guitar now, and in the future. On this same subject, Guitar World wrote that a 2017 IBISWORLD report noted that the acoustic and electric guitar manufacturing industry has actually experienced sustained growth over the last five years- a 1.4% annual growth rate from 2012-2017.

In addition, NAMM reports that guitar sales have risen by 28 percent over the last 10 years. So why this scare? It mostly seems like the way people buy guitars has changed. The Guardian writes that many young musicians now tend to buy used instruments on the internet rather than new ones out of their price range, which makes sense for many students and novices. The Guardian also mentions that acoustic guitar popularity has recently been driven by pop stars, like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, rather than the old school guitar heroes like Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton.

While we know that the guitar is still alive and well in the halls of Musicians Institute, do you notice a difference in the popularity? Who are some of your favorite up and coming guitar players? Let us know!

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