Through The Lens is our weekly series where we highlight current students and faculty, capture them on campus and ask them about their inspirations, advice and beyond.

What was the first song you learned to play?

The first song I had ever learned on bass was Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy. Growing up, pop-punk had been the genre that really had me like “Woah, I want to play music”, so naturally I had chosen to learn a song with a distinct bass line by one of my favorite bands as a kid.

How do you handle any nerves or stage fright?

I definitely used to get nervous before performances and I still do, just not as bad! I mainly got over my stage fright by pushing myself to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Getting up in front of people is still a little nerve wracking, but it is barely even noticeable to me anymore as my passion has just taken over completely.

If there is one piece of advice that you could give to other bassists, what would it be?

This connects to my advice to beginners who do get nervous. You have to just keep on playing and playing in situations that have you feeling nervous. You’ll get to a point where you don’t notice your nerves at all anymore and if you do, it’s pretty easy to push them to the side. One of my favorite sayings I always hear at MI, and even said earlier, get comfortable with being uncomfortable!


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