Genevieve Artadi is a musician known for her work with electronic pop groups KNOWER and Pollyn. Genevieve was raised in Los Angeles by rock musician parents, obsessively singing along with pop and oldies radio. She joined her first band as a teenager while taking classical piano lessons, then studied jazz in at CSUN and CSULB.

She has since made several albums and music videos, in addition to touring. In 2014, her band KNOWER was presented by Quincy Jones in his New Artist Series; and was also featured on the FlyLo FM radio station in Grand Theft Auto V. Genevieve has collaborated with artists including Sal Principato of Liquid Liquid, Snarky Puppy, Tim Lefebvre, David Binney, Sammy Stephens, John Escreet and Kneebody.

Genevieve released her first solo album, genevieve lalala, in March 2015. She is anticipating the release of KNOWER’s fourth album and Pollyn’s third album.

At MI, Genevieve teaches Bachelor Vocal Performance, Great American Songbook LPW, and private vocal lessons.

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